Let’s Bake 17: Pies and Tarts roundup

It was indeed a pastry-fest this weekend at Let’s Bake Inverness!DSC_0017

Kara made a goats cheese and leek tart, and a pomegranate milk tart. The pannacotta like texture was one of the lighter desserts of the afternoon!


Chloe brought along a vegan roasted vegetable tart which was very tasty. Chloe nailed the pastry with a perfect fluted edging.


Continuing the vegan theme, Marion made a vegan apple pie which was reminiscent of those found in the Netherlands.


Susan made a Cullen skink tart and some jam tarts.



Mairi had recently seen Nadiya Hussain’s crisp, chocolate and peanut tart and brought that along. It was super rich!


Kirsty made a Lemon Shaker Pie, which contained a whole lemon to create a marmalade-esque filling!


Eunice made mini coconut tarts and mini apple, sultana and cinnamon pies, both made with German pastry which apparently can keep in the fridge for up to a couple of weeks!



Karen made a beautiful peach and almond tart, despite having to make a last minute run to the shops for peaches!


All wonderful bakes, and not a soggy bottom in sight. It was lovely to see some new faces amongst our regulars too.  Our next meet will likely be in November, check out our Facebook or keep an eye on our schedule page for more information!


Let’s Bake 16: Cheese Round Up

Last week we got together for our first ever cheese themed evening.  Quite shocking it’s taken this long for cheese to come around but it was worth the wait…everything tasted great!  The balance of sweet to savoury was much more even than usual so it meant we could eat even more than normal, always a good thing.

Thanks to everyone for coming along, it was a fun evening as always and I hope to see you all again soon.


Karen made Apple, Cheddar and Oat Scones, which tasted great with the lemon cream cheese and cucumber that she brought along too.


Mairi made some very more-ish cheese and herb biscuits.


My Welsh Rarebit Muffins were a recipe from the BBC Good Food website and are especially good when warmed through.


Susan brought along some very welcome chocolate in the form of cheesecake brownies and some strawberries to ‘cleanse the palette’!


Heather’s baked Oreo and Ricotta Cheesecake was yummy and very popular amongst the bakers.


Swenja put us all to shame by bringing along two different bakes, one sweet and one savoury!  Some cream cheese, white chocolate cookies and cheese, sage and onion scones, which were delicious!


Let’s Bake 15: New to You Round Up

We had a fab time sharing our ‘new to you’ bakes recently along with lots of baking chat! First up were the breads!


Dawn brought along two varieties of focaccia, which she had recently learnt to make at a local breadmaking class!


Sharon shared her cornish saffron bread, and Karen delivered a huge Kanellangd (swedish cinnamon bread) inspired by her swedish friends!


Fruit and vegetables were incorporated into bakes too – Kirsty’s twist on a carrot cake saw grated parsnips integrated into a loaf cake topped with maple frosting.


Gwynneth’s Banana Cream Pie featured a huge layer of chocolate!


Susan made an American classic – red velvet cake…


and Swenja brought along a Russian Medovik caje which was made up of lots of thinly layered chocolate cake sandwiched with pastry cream!


To finish, Mairi’s mint chocolate macarons were enjoyed by all!


Our next meeting will be in March/April, so keep an eye out for details!



Let’s Bake 13: Pastry Roundup

A small group of six enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of pastry chat and sampling shortcrust, choux and strudel pastry this weekend. We had a mostly sweet turnout, but some savoury was most welcome in the form of Mhairi’s palmiers. Inspired by the Great British Bake Off no less, these two varieties included parma ham, parmesan and mustard.


Kara also bought along some dainty savoury choux buns, filled with salmon mousse and smoked salmon.


Onto the sweet and there were two shortcrust tarts!

Kirsty brought along “June’s tart” a recipe which was passed along by a family friend. The filling contains margarine, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and raisins


Heather brought along a rich chocolate and raspberry tart which is a favourite recipe of hers to make.


Susan bought along some profiteroles – coated in a gingerbread salted caramel sauce and drizzled with dark chocolate.


Kara had made some vanilla slices, complete with intricate feathering work on the top. Despite not travelling too well, everyone agreed that the vanilla custard was very tasty!


Finally, Swenja impressed everyone with a cherry strudel!


Thanks as usual to Blend for hosting us. We hope to have another event before the end of November so keep an eye on our schedule page for more details.

Let’s Bake 10: Chocolate Round Up

Thanks to Blend Tea and Coffee Merchants for hosting another Let’s Bake Inverness meeting! We enjoyed an intimate group meeting with 5 bakes being shared around the table.

We also had a break from eating to hear Debbie from The Chocolate Place tell us all about the process from cocoa bean to chocolate bar, and the ins and outs of being a chocolatier. Did you know that Inverness has its own Chocolate Tour? Debbie also organises these too!

On to the bakes and we had a good mix of textures and flavours.

Kirsty made a lovely Jaffa Loaf Cake which as well as having the perfect chocolate drizzle topping, also had a clementine syrup glaze.


Swenja made these ‘Chocolate Overload Bars’ by cleverly making a white chocolate, marshmallow and rice krispie base, making them just a little bit lighter than anticipated!


Dawn made these excellent fudgy salted caramel brownies – these were a big hit with everyone!


I (Susan) made chocolate dipped Banana Biscotti.


Finally Eileen wowed everyone with her delicious white chocolate and pistachio baked cheesecake!


Thanks to everyone for coming, details about the next event will be publicised shortly. To join our mailing list/ask questions, please email letsbakeinverness@gmail.com!

Let’s Bake 8: Favourite Bakes Round Up

For our final Let’s Bake event of 2015, we had a great time choosing recipes from our favourite books to bake for our gathering at Blend Tea and Coffee Merchants.


Some of the books may or may not have been added to subsequent Christmas lists!

Grace’s Marmalade Muffins were adapted from Spooning with Rosie.


Dorothy’s Yoghurt Cake recipe was given to her by a friend (and Dorothy has kindly passed it on so I will add it to the recipes section when I can). Dorothy tried out a marbling technique for her cake, used a lemon yoghurt for flavour, and incorporated a festive element by adding Christmas tree sprinkles!


I (Susan) had a bit of a nightmare with my first attempt at this Sour Cream Coffee Cake, but my second attempt was much better. I will always remember to use butter and flour or cake release spray when baking in a bundt tin! My book was from the Clandestine Cake Club and the recipe can be found online here. Rather than the cake being coffee flavoured as the name suggests, this american recipe is a nutty cake to be eaten with a cup of coffee.


Kirsty made some delicious Orange Gingerbread with Cream Cheese Icing from Joy the Baker.


Swenja bought along a huge batch of Raspberry Blondies from Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cookery Course which were very popular!


Kara’s bake was adapted from Homemade Memories by Kate Doran. This lemon, pistachio and rose loaf complete with gold glitter was possibly the prettiest bake of the night!


Mairi brought along possibly the oldest recipe book, which was a scrapbook of handed down recipes, as well as recipes from Jackie magazine! Mairi bought along some delicious shortbread fingers.


Karen bought along a classic lemon loaf cake from a 90’s recipe book!


Finally Pauline baked from a Bakewell slice from the Avoca Cafe Cookbook!


Thanks to all the bakers who came along, and to Blend for staying open for us! Keep your eyes on the Let’s Bake Twitter and Facebook pages for details of the next meet, early next year!

Lets Bake 6: Back to School Bakes Round Up

We had an excellent assortment of bakes at our Back to School themed event this week! Top marks all round. 

Ann’s Selkirk Bannock


Kirstie’s chewy coconut cookies


Susan’s jaffa cakes


Katey’s upside down cake with peach, ginger and vanilla


Trudy’s jam and coconut sponge


Mairi’s butterscotch tart


Rebecca’s Iced sponge


and finally, Fiona’s swirled chocolate cookies!


The next bake event will be in October and we’ll send out an email with details nearer the time!

4: Layer Bakes 06/04/15

We gathered at Blend Tea and Coffee Merchants on Monday night to sample some lovely layered bakes – and there were some great layers on display!

Ilona’s lemon, lime and coconut layer cake


Susan’s Peanut Butter Nanaimo Bars and Peanut butter and jelly bars


Kara’s Mini black forest gateaus (who if we were completing for the accolade of “most unique layers in a bake” would have won outright!) Read more

2: Christmassy Bakes – 04/12/14

For our second meeting we once again were kindly hosted by the wonderful folks at Velocity Cafe, who were on hand to supply us with hot and cold drinks as we sampled and chatted about our bakes! We were a slightly smaller group but this no way affected the quality or quantity of the bakes!

Kara made her own mincemeat in this delicious amandine tart:


Jane made the classic German cookie – Lebkuchen:


Dorothy made her classic Christmas shaped shortbread which were made with icing sugar, as well as the addition of cornflour!


Ilona generously made two bakes which were both wheat-free, a mince pie flapjack and also some stollen!


I (Susan) made a date and cinnamon bundt cake, topped with an icing glaze and cranberries, pistachios and almonds:



And finally, Mandy made these intricate and cleverly decorated iced gingerbread biscuits! They were almost too good to eat, but we managed! 


If any of the bakers would like to add their recipe to our archive of recipes, do let us know! We’d love to share around these tried and tested recipes!

Our next meeting will be in February, and more details will be available in the new year, once everyone has recovered from Christmas!