Welcome to Let’s Bake – Inverness!

If you love to bake and share your baking with others, as well as having a good chat with friends, then this is the place for you.

Let’s Bake – Inverness is a baking club which meets every couple of months in a venue somewhere in the Inverness area.  The aim to meet lovely people, have a good chat and enjoy (un)healthy quantities of home baking.  Now, don’t let the word club put you off, Let’s Bake is just an excuse to meet up with some friends for some good home baking and even better chat.  There is nothing formal here, no membership, no fees – just cake…and bread and pastry and biscuits…

Each meeting will have a different theme which will be announced well in advance on our homepage, there will be between 10 and 15 places, depending upon the venue, and all that is required is that you bring along yourself, your bake and buy your beverages from the chosen venue.  Well, there is a couple more things – please could you bring along a plate suitable for your bake and also, if your bake requires a knife and/or another serving implement we would be really grateful if you could bring that along too!

We are  Susan Barrie (@susan_barrie) and Kirsty Montgomery (@eversokirsty) and we have a shared love of baking and all things cake.  We were both part of baking clubs in Fife and Glasgow respectively and now that we are both in Inverness, it seemed like the perfect time to bring the phenomenon up north and start our own club.

Please feel free to get in touch via Twitter or by e-mail.





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    1. Hi Heather,
      I’m sorry there were lots of comments awaiting approval that I have only just noticed. You can definitely join. Our next meeting will be in December so keep an eye on this blog or our Facebook page for details nearer to the time!

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