Let’s Bake 16: Cheese Round Up

Last week we got together for our first ever cheese themed evening.  Quite shocking it’s taken this long for cheese to come around but it was worth the wait…everything tasted great!  The balance of sweet to savoury was much more even than usual so it meant we could eat even more than normal, always a good thing.

Thanks to everyone for coming along, it was a fun evening as always and I hope to see you all again soon.


Karen made Apple, Cheddar and Oat Scones, which tasted great with the lemon cream cheese and cucumber that she brought along too.


Mairi made some very more-ish cheese and herb biscuits.


My Welsh Rarebit Muffins were a recipe from the BBC Good Food website and are especially good when warmed through.


Susan brought along some very welcome chocolate in the form of cheesecake brownies and some strawberries to ‘cleanse the palette’!


Heather’s baked Oreo and Ricotta Cheesecake was yummy and very popular amongst the bakers.


Swenja put us all to shame by bringing along two different bakes, one sweet and one savoury!  Some cream cheese, white chocolate cookies and cheese, sage and onion scones, which were delicious!


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