Let’s Bake 11: Dough Roundup


We had an early celebration of Real Bread Week this month as 8 of us gathered with our doughy bakes.

As well as munching our way through a whole of wheat based goodies, we chatted about what really goes into a loaf of supermarket bread (this information is very helpful and eye-opening!) and tips for getting a good bread bake. For instance, did you know that you can leave dough to prove overnight, which gives the yeast much more time to work it’s magic throughout the dough, and also means a minimal knead is required!

Kirsten brought along these delicious Parma Ham, Parmesan and Pine nut rolls. (So good I had one for my lunch today too!)


Swenja bought Lye Rolls which originate in Germany. The term ‘Lye’ refers to the saltwater that the rolls are soaked in before baking. These were topped with sesame and poppy seeds, and rock salt.


Swenja also made these mini pretzel dogs!


Lindsay brought along Borodinsky bread which is from Russia. It’s a rye bread containing molasses, caraway and coriander seeds!


Kirstie made some cinnamon rolls – the twist with these is that they were made in a slow cooker!


I (Susan) made doughnuts – one type were glazed with a vanilla milk & icing sugar mix and topped with sprinkles. and the others were coated in cinnamon sugar.


Kirsty made these iced brioche buns!


Gwynneth brought along Yum Yums which were glazed with a lemon icing.


Lindsay also brought some Cardamom and Coconut buns.


Finally Mairi had baked a cinnamon loaf. Look at that perfect swirl inside!



We’ll be back sometime in August for our next meeting, keep an eye out for details on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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