1. Local Produce – Velocity Cafe 25.09.14

This past Thursday we held our inaugural Let’s Bake meeting and I’m delighted to report it was a great success.  A full table, a friendly buzz and, most importantly, lots of tasty baking to munch on.

The venue was Velocity Cafe & Bicycle Workshop on Stephens Brae and they were ever so accomodating of my constant requests for more knives, more forks, more spoons!  So a big thank you goes to them for being welcoming hosts.


We were delighted with the turnout for our first meeting, eleven ladies in total, and don’t we look a lovely bunch??

Enough about our lovely faces though, let’s get back to the real reason we were all there – the baking!  It occurred to  me as I was preparing for the get together that although I think of it as ‘baking club’, it really is more accurately ‘eating club’.  Oh well, still sounds good to me!

Our theme was local produce, which we had chosen for two reasons.  We didn’t want to restrict what people could bring for the first meet-up and there is just so much excellent produce in and around Inverness, it makes sense to utilise it!

Ellie’s Victoria Sponge

My (Kirsty’s) Sausage Rolls

Nicola’s Apple & Bramble Meringue Cake

Lesley’s Beetroot Muffins

Ann’s Blueberry & Bramble Muffins

Susan’s Coconut Macaroons

Carol’s Biscotti

Anne’s Rosemary Butter Biscuits

Kara’s Apple & Bramble Cakes

rystal’s Courgette Cake

If anyone would like to add their recipe to our recipe index page please email us with the details and any photos you might have.  I think it would be really fun to turn out page in to a Let’s Bake cookbook!

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